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Timboo's Bar to Close December 31st

Some sad news from the old-school bar front: Timboo's, the ancient, classic dive bar on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 11th Street, has been leased, and will be closing at the end of the month. A tipster overheard an owner discussing the December 31st closure date, and longtime bartender Betty Collins confirmed that the bar indeed will soon have a new owner.

"It's been leased to someone else," said Collins, who's spent the past ten years as the daytime bartender. "Whether it'll become a bar and grill, or something else, I don't know. But it won't be Timboo's anymore."

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A Peek Inside Beauty Bar, Under Construction on Fifth Avenue

The intriguing news that some of the space belonging to Ozzie's Coffee, on Fifth Avenue between Garfield and Carroll, would be handed over to Beauty Bar broke about a month ago, and work inside the space seems to be progressing very nicely.

A full half of the formerly huge coffee shop will be taken over by the female-oriented bar, which got its start in the East Village and has since expanded to include 10 more locations all across the country. It's essentially a bar/salon hybrid, but I don't think many customers will go there to just get their nails done, if you know what I mean.

The space is starting to take shape, and it looks like the bar itself will be oval, or horseshoe-shaped.


Checking in on Greenwood Park, The Beer Garden Heading for 20th Street

It's technically in Greenwood Heights, but still certainly warrants a discussion here. A giant beer garden has been in the works for months all the way down on Seventh Avenue and 19th Street, and while there's still plenty of construction left, it's poised to become a prime drinking destination.

It's the brainchild of Bay Ridge native Ted Mann, a restaurateur who currently has a hand in 9 bars, restaurants, and venues in the borough (including Cubana Social, Apt 138, Public Assembly, and Bar 4). He also happens to be Ted Nugent's son, which struck me as worth mentioning.

A couple days ago Brownstoner got a sneak peek of the beer garden, which is shaping up to open within a few months. It stretches the entire length of the block, and will boast dozens of beer on tap, a fire pit, and ample outdoor seating.

Looking good!


Closed for Business: The Great Lakes Bar, 284 Fifth Avenue



Great Lakes, the ramshackle, nautically-themed dive bar on the corner of Fifth Avenue and First Street, has closed. It's been sealed up tight for over a week, the phone has been disconnected, and former bartender Natasha Metzenseff confirmed that it didn't attract enough customers to sustain the rent, which has grown astronomically in recent years.


The bar, which was at the vanguard of the Fifth Avenue revitalization when it opened in 1997, was run by two friends from the Midwest who also own Boat Bar on Smith Street. They kept it fairly sparse, albeit with a few nautical touches, and focused on serving fairly-priced drinks to a loyal clientele of mostly thirtysomethings. The beer selection was good, the jukebox was well-stocked, and no frills were necessary.



A couple months ago, two giant "For Rent" signs popped up on the facade, meaning that the landlord was trying to sell the bar (or convince the owners to pay a much higher rent), a good indication that it wasn't long for this world. The signs are still there, so apparently it hadn't found any takers before being shuttered.


It'll be interesting to see who the next tenant to occupy this prime corner will be. Maybe a barbecue joint, which historically needs a one-story structure in order to properly vent all the smoke, will take the bait.







Sweetwolf's Getting VERY Close to Opening

Foodies in the Slope have been keeping pretty close tabs on Sweetwolf's, which has been under construction for several months on quiet Sixth Avenue and 12th Street. They scouted menu items with help from Facebook, built a wood-burning oven and partnered with Forty Weight Coffee to operate the restaurant as a cafe during the morning hours, and now it appears as if they're in the final pre-opening stages, taking to Facebook once again to invite fans to private soft-open tastings.

The restaurant's focus, according to co-owner Tim Judge, is to foster a community and serve as a neighborhood hangout, and that approach fits right in with their Facebook strategy. On Monday and earlier today they updated their page with an invite to come sample the food and drink, on the house, with one caveat: you must be one of the first ten people to respond to their wall post. If you're one of the lucky ones, the offerings look damn tasty. Here was the menu for Monday's tasting:

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