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"The Painted Pot" Pottery Studio Opening in Taqueria Space

We know what's coming into the southern end of the old Taqueria space, on Seventh between Berkeley and Lincoln, and now the northern end has been rented as well, to The Painted Pot, a DIY pottery studio with outposts in Carroll Cardens and Bay Ridge. Signage went up over the weekend, and they plan on opening in January.

Boy, are the kiddies gonna love this one. Winner of "Best Kids' Party Place" by Nickelodeon's Parents' Picks Awards, the studio will give you the opportunity to spin a pot on a wheel, pick a pre-made pot and paint it, make sculptures from clay, and create your own mosaic.

But this isn't a place just for kids. There are four "semesters" of wheel and sculpture classes per year, both for adults and kids/teens, and there are also summer classes and plenty of opportunities to "drop in." And as mentioned above, they can also host a killer kids' birthday party.

Along with the origami studio opening a few blocks down, your kids' birthday party options just got a little more interesting.

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    "The Painted Pot" Pottery Studio Opening in Taqueria Space - HOME - Here's Park Slope.
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    "The Painted Pot" Pottery Studio Opening in Taqueria Space - HOME - Here's Park Slope.

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Ah, my friend's daughter loves this place!

November 1, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterparkslopeperson

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