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Seventh Avenue Close to Forming BID, Cleaning Up Trash

Not Seventh Avenue.

It's been much-reported recently that Seventh Avenue, well, stinks. Due to the facts that the City Council allowed a street cleaning contract with the Doe Fund to expire, the garbagemen simply can't keep up with demand, and there's no Business Improvement District to charge business owners for private trash pickup, the garbage along the thoroughfare has really been piling up lately, making a walk down Seventh oftentimes smell like Bourbon Street on a Sunday morning.

But all that's about to change, potentially: The Brooklyn Paper is reporting that a merchant's association similar to the Fifth Avenue BID is in the works, and if it comes to fruition (which could take up to a year or so), business owners along the Avenue will need to pay a yearly tax of about $300, which will help keep the trash off the streets.

With about 350 business stretching from Flatbush to Prospect Avenues, that's about $105,000 going into the fund, which may also cover security. "Dozens" of businesses are already on board, and their owners will get the ball rolling this week by forming a Business Improvement District board.

Reader Comments (1)

Terrific news and LONG overdue! The trash on 7th Avenue has been a real problem this summer and fall. I hope they use that money to improve the streetscaping a bit too. 7th could really use some benches and some new trees (although those should be paid for and planted by the city). I like what they've done to turn the old parking meters into those round bicycle racks. Hope they do the same on 8th Avenue.

November 17, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterparkslopefoodie

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