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Man Arrested at Burger Village After Posing as Underage Police "Informant"

Here's an interesting one: Nick Yadav, the manager of Burger Village (on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Third Street), reached out to me Tuesday night with a curious story. Here it is, repeated in full with his permission:

As the Manager of Burger Village, a family operated restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I would like to report an incident that occurred on Saturday April 16th in the evening around 4 pm. A gentleman walks into the restaurant, sat at the bar, ordered food with beer.  After finishing his meal with two beers he was presented with the check/bill which was approximately $45 and change.  He returned the check without any payment, but he wrote the following on the back of the check:

'I'm an informant for NYPD, that’s up to you to call the police but you have just given two drinks to a minor.

We are cracking down restaurants and businesses who give drinks to minors.'

As I read the note, he looked at me and asked if I had read the note.  Then I asked him for his ID/badge but he had nothing on him. So, I told him to settle the bill which he did not.  Eventually I called 911 and he was arrested by the cops from 78th Precinct.

By no means did he look like a minor to me or my staff because we always ask for an ID if a customer asks for beer or wine and seems underage. 

Restaurants, please beware and look out for customers like the above who pose as a cop or informant like the above and misuse this regulations and rules to their advantage."

If you're going to dine and dash, why not just dine and dash? This seems like a rather elaborate prank to pull to just end up waiting around to be arrested.

Photo via Nick Yadav.

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