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Taco Santo Launches Brunch, Palo Santo Gets a New Sign

Some news from the Santo front: Taco Santo, the taco shop from Palo Santo chef/owner Jacques Gautier that opened on Feb. 1 and has been pretty much packed ever since, has rolled out brunch, according to a release. Available Saturdays and Sundays from noon on, the menu includes items like tacos placeros (eggs, rice & beans, avocado, and pickled jalapeños), tacos de confitillo (eggs, poblano, onions and tomatoes, above), huaraches, and several new quesadillas. It's inspired by what's sold at the Atlixco and Los Reyes markets in chef de cuisine Alejandro Bonilla's native Puebla, Mexico.

Across the street, the more upscale Latin-American restaurant Palo Santo (which has the same owner as Taco Santo, Jacques Gautier) just got a new sign that's quite a bit more visible than their previous one, and also reflects the style used on Taco Santo's sign.


Open for Business: Blok Hill, 103 7th Avenue

A new clothing store called Blok Hill opened last week in the space that was last home to Rivet, on 7th Avenue between Union and President Streets.

The boutique is actually run by Rivet's previous buyer, Leigh Hill, and there's an entirely new selection of merchandise, including jeans, sleveless shirts, sundresses, accessories like scarves and jewelry, and soaps and perfumes from Juniper Ridge. There's also a pretty cute dog.

Rivet, which had the same owner as the also-closed Slope Jeans (which has another location in Carroll Gardens), opened in the space in August 2011 and closed up shop about a month ago.

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New Restaurant Under Construction in Melt Space

Melt, the restaurant on Bergen Street just east of Fifth Avenue, appears to be the latest local business to pull a "Closed for Renovations" fast one on the neighborhood. The neighborhood spot closed under those pretenses back in September and never reopened, and while the signs are still posted to the front windows, workers in the space that I spoke to last weekend assured me that Melt was gone for good, and a new restaurant is coming into the space.

They were tight-lipped about what exactly is in the works, and wouldn't reveal a name or even style of food. I'll keep digging, but in the meantime it appears as if we can pour one out for Melt.


Loki Lounge Officially on the Market

It's been a couple months since word got around that the owners of Loki Lounge, the bar that's held down the corner of 5th Avenue and 2nd Street since 1999, were planning on seriously downsizing due to a rent increase. When I spoke with a bartender a couple weeks ago he told me that the plan was to sell off the portion of the space that's currently the bar area but hold onto the back "lounge" area and convert that remaining portion into a new bar, with an entrance on 2nd Street. That all appears to be finally underway, as Park Slope Stoop noticed that the space is currently up for rent on Craigslist.

A rep from the bar confirmed to me that the initial plan to split in half is still in place, and that Benchmark, the adjacent steakhouse with the same owners, will be remaining open as well. The space is on the market for $11,500/ month (the equivalent of 2,300 $5 well drinks), and can be turned over as-is with no key money.


Artist & Craftsman Supply Shop Coming to Second Street

A new art supply shop will be opening soon in a large building on Second Street near 4th Avenue. It's an outpost of the 29 year-old Artist & Craftsman Supply, which has 20 locations in 13 states.

The store (which judging by the space will be more of an emporium) will sell everything an artist could want, ranging from brushes, paints, and canvas to knitting sets, arts & crafts supplies, and carving tools.

This shop certainly looks like it'll fill a niche in the neighborhood; it'll come in handy for everyone from kids who have art projects to painters, printmakers, sculptors, knitters, and crafts enthusiasts. It's hard to tell if they'll be fixing the facade up at all, but the fact that the sign is already up probably means it'll be opening sooner rather than later.

Many thanks to a tipster for sending in the photo.