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Car Fire on Fifth Avenue and First Street

At about noon today, a car burst into flames while driving down Fifth Avenue. The driver pulled over on the corner of First Street, where the entire car became engulfed in flames, according to a fireman on the scene.

There were thankfully no injuries, but that car is completely destroyed.


Friday Foodporn: Russo's Fresh Pasta

You could be forgiven for thinking that Russo's Italian Deli, on Seventh Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets, has been around for a lot more than fifteen years. For one, its awning claims "Since 1908." In fact, that's referring to the original location, which is on Eleventh Street in the East Village.

This place certainly has an old-world charm, though. From the fresh bread in the center aisle to fresh sausage and mozzarella on the right, to the friendly countermen serving up large portions of premade Italian dishes and salads as well as top notch Italian sandwiches, this store would be right at home in the year 1911.

A major draw of Russo's is the fresh pasta. Encompassing the entire left-hand wall are freezer cases that contain what seems like a hundred varieties of fresh pasta, in every style and flavor imaginable. It's all made in-house, from scratch, and is some of the finest around.

Russo's Fresh Mozzarella and Pasta, 363 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215. 718-369-2874.


137 Fifth Gets a Glass Storefront

A couple months ago, I snuck a peek behind the sidewalk shed that's been concealing the ground floor retail space of 137 Fifth Avenue, the big red building that's been under construction on the corner of St. John's Place. Since then, some floor-to-ceiling glass has been installed, clearing the way for a high-end ($12,000/month in rent) tenant to move in.


Spice Construction Resumes

As a big fan of Spice Thai (chalk that up to my time at NYU), I was quite excited to see that they would be opening up a branch in the neighborhood, where Lemongrass was previously, on Seventh between Berkeley and Lincoln. I was a bit dismayed, though, when shortly after construction began stop-work orders were posted, and no activity went on inside for months. Thankfully, it looks like construction has resumed. Here's a peek inside (pay no attention to the sleeping gentleman):


Purbird Adds Window Signage, Could Use Spell Check

When I spoke with Peter Lekkas, the owner of Purbird (coming to Sixth and St. Marks) last week, he informed me that the concept behind the restaurant is "all chicken, all the time". Over the past couple days the front windows have been taken over by some temporary signage that seems to back that up.

"Hear Comes Purbird"? Come on now.