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Pharos Tries to Clarify its Name, Fails

Pharos, the Greek restaurant coming to Seventh Avenue between Union and Berkeley, has taken some heat due to the nearly-indecipherable spelling of its name, which combines Greek and English lettering (Oaros?) However, it appears that they may have over-clarified, and now the restaurant's name is spelled Faros. I suppose it can be spelled both ways? This is all too confusing for me. I'll just call it Faros from now on.


Seventh Avenue Loses its Classic "DONUTS" Sign

Since 1977, Donuts Coffee Shop has held court 24-7 on Seventh Avenue between Eighth and Ninth Streets, along with its amazing, straightforward sign. Sadly that sign was lost to the ages over the weekend, and was replaced yesterday with the ordinary one seen above.

The reason behind the landmark sign's loss? Owner John Mamounas told me that it broke in half as they attempted to take it down, in order to replace the burned out light bulbs behind it.

"I loved that sign, and we had to waste thousands of dollars on this new one," he said. "We waited until the last light burned out, but we had to change them because at night this block looked like a cemetery. The material was just too old, and it broke."

Another one bites the dust. Here's what the old sign looked like:



Chiles and Chocolate Switches Spaces with Amin

In one of the odder restaurant developments this year, Chiles and Chocolate, the Oaxacan restaurant, has picked up lock, stock, and barrel, and switched spaces with Amin, the Indian restaurant a couple blocks away.

The two restaurants, at 54 and 92 Seventh Avenue respectively, apparently had the same owner this whole time (believe it or not), and he made the decision to swap spaces. Workers have been going back and forth between restaurants for the past couple days, lugging food and equipment (top). 

Amin's menu will stay the same, but Chiles and Chocolate has vastly expanded theirs with some American dishes, adding more appetizers, salads, pastas, sandwiches, and burgers.


Pizzatown Re-Opens After Renovation

V&M Pizzatown, the pizzeria on Fifth Avenue between Park and Prospect, has re-opened after being closed for renovations for about the past month. 

The pizzeria's earlier incarnation featured a long display counter in the front and a small, rather sad seating area in the back. The new version has open windows, a seating area in the front for about 50 people, a mural on the wall, and the counter in the back. I was always a fan of the pizza here, and all signs point to the same standard of quality. Welcome back!


Boardwalk Empire Filming on Carroll Street Wednesday

Don't even think of parking on Carroll Street between Seventh and Eighth tomorrow night and Wednesday: HBO's Boardwalk Empire will be transporting the leafy block back to the 1920s (although that won't be too difficult), and crews will begin setting up tomorrow night at 10 for an all-day shoot Wednesday. Keep a lookout for flappers and dapper gentlemen!