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Closed for Business: Tenko Sushi & Thai, 75 Fifth Avenue

Tenko Sushi and Thai, on Fifth Avenue between St. Marks and Prospect, has closed. Workers have been clearing out the space over the past couple weeks, and the phone re-routes to a fax machine.

The restaurant, which up until last year was known as Picasso Asian Fusion, was one of the worst reviewed in the neighborhood, and even though they rebranded with the new name and shiny awning, nothing makes up for serving the same food that can be found all over the neighborhood, only worse.


139 Fifth Loses its Scaffolding

Whatever's going on at 139 Fifth Avenue (at St. John's Place), it seems to be progressing nicely.

The building, which has been empty since Deli in the Slope moved out about three years ago along with all the tenants, briefly made the news in May 2009 when a car crashed into the storefront. Since then, it's been scaffolded and gutted (along with the ground floor retail space), but construction workers have so far been unable to reveal what's planned for the space, most likely because the building's owner is just fixing it up without a signed tenant yet.

The scaffolding has been taken down within the past couple days, revealing a face-lifted upper three floors. Still a lot of work to do on the ground floor, though, so it will probably be a while before we get any more details.


Flatbush Five Guys Gets Plywood, "Temporary Signage"

Construction on the Flatbush Avenue outpost of burger chain Five Guys, news of which was first broken here last week, is well underway. The space, on the corner of Park and Flatbush, has been completely gutted, and as evidenced in the photo, plywood has gone up and signage from the 25-year old business it replaced, Park Heights Stationers and Copy, has come down.

It also appears as if one construction worker (or excited local) has been kind enough to let curious neighbors know what's to come.


Closed for Business: Kohzee Cafe, 396 Sixth Avenue

Once again, it's been proven that in Park Slope, mediocrity just won't cut it. Kohzee Cafe, the unremarkable little diner on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Seventh Street, was shut down by the DOH about a month ago for violations that included "evidence of mice or live mice." Even after being shuttered, however, the owner decided that peeling the DOH sticker off and re-opening illegally would be a good idea, and this back and forth went on for some time, with the DOH returning every day to shut it back down (and dole out more fines, most likely).

The owner appears to have given up, though, and the restaurant has finally shut down for good. Never particularly well-liked and on a corner of the neighborhood that doesn't get much foot traffic, some could argue that Kohzee was doomed from the beginning. If you want to run a successful restaurant in Park Slope, especially in an out of the way part of the neighborhood, serve good food (and keep the mice out)!


Does Park Slope Really Need a "Neighborhood Night Watch"?

Here's an interesting one: After a Brooklynian user's bicycle seat was stolen last week, he took to the message board to advocate for the creation of a vigilante "neighborhood watch brigade," imploring locals to "take a stand and rid our streets of the local roughians who strive to destroy our way of life."

According to the poster, Vince, he attempted to report the theft to the plolice but "was met with disdain and reluctance." He rails against those who are "watching Rome burn... intent on just peeping out your windows and gossiping about your neighbors." According to the poster, "The integrity of our neighborhood is collapsing and it is time to do something."

Vince goes on:

"According to you nothing has changed in Park Slope and you are just peachy with the current way of things are. I will not stand around and await the next mugging or property theft. Perhaps you are happy bragging that your were mugged for the 30th time and use that as a badge of honor but I am not cut from the same cloth as you. I refuse to be a victim anymore. You sir sadden me... You have a defeatist quality about yourself that I do not want festering among my friends. Do what you do best and hide in your apartment hoping that things will eventually get better. Maybe you should take a walk in Harlem and add to your tally of muggings."

Vince has already begun to take matters into his own hands. Here are the results of his first "tour of vigilance":

"Within the first hour I shooed away a bum who appeared to be licking the door handles of cars. HOW DISGUSTING! The sick degenerates of this neighborhood never cease to amaze me. I also used my gaze to scare away a group of project development scoundrels who appeared to be up to no good. I just sat on my stoop and stared in their general direction. After 15 minutes of staring at them they left for greener pastures. I denied them any victims in my stretch of Shangri-La."

I wasn't under the impression that our neighborhood is exactly going to hell (in fact, crime rates are very low and about the same as in other neighborhoods with similar median incomes), but this guy is obviously dead serious about a night patrol, and convinced that the police are "as useless as ovaries on a bronze statue." He claims to have assembled 18 volunteers to help him on his "urban tour of duty."

Vince claims to have organized a meeting at PS 321 this coming Sunday, but nobody at the school has been able to verify that.