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Fleisher's Meats Coming to 192 Fifth Avenue

Looks like Park Slope is about to get a second butcher shop.

In a press release, Fleisher's (founded by Wolf Fleisher in 1901 in Kensington) announced that in early Fall they'll be opening up a second branch of their organic and grass fed meat market in the space most recently occupied by Hog Mountain, between Union and Sackett. Their other outpost is upstate in Kingston.

Here's what owner Jessica Applestone told Brooklyn Based:
"The offerings will be no different from what we offer in Kingston but we have more prepared frozen entrees. We already offer pot pies, shepherd’s pie but there will be more options like that. We will cut there (and make sausages) but we will continue to process in Kingston so we will doing major cutting etc. upstate. There will be a delivery van going back and forth every day so that if people have special orders and we don’t have it in, they can order it for the next day from Kingston. Oh, and of course we will have rotisserie chicken! We will be open six days a week, closed on Sundays with similar hours to our Kingston location. The shop will have a really old-fashioned, old-school butcher feel with a kid’s corner and stroller parking (it is Park Slope after all!) so that parents can shop easily. (Do we know our audience or what?) We are really looking forward to joining the neighborhood it seems like a perfect fit for us."
The full release can be found here. This is great news, and while longtime fixture M&S Prime Meats is just up the avenue, I don't think two butcher shops in one neighborhood is a bad thing.

The original Fleisher's, at 4159 18th Ave.


Butter Lane Might Not Be Re-Opening Soon After All

After I posted yesterday that Butter Lane would be re-opening soon after getting signage, I received a couple anonymous tips telling me to check out their listing on the DOB's website. Lo and behold, we have the real reason why the bakery, at 240 Seventh Avenue (between 4th and 5th Streets), has been closed for the past month: There's a stop work order on the property, due to plumbing work without a permit. The hearing is scheduled for June 13th, so we shouldn't expect any cupcakes before then, I suppose.


Calexico Restaurant Seized by Taxman, Up For Rent

Calexico, the Mexican restaurant at 88 Fifth Avenue, near Warren Street, has been seized for nonpayment of taxes. "For Rent" signs are plastered all over the gate and windows, and a call to the number on those signs confirms that the restaurant is closed for good. 

The restaurant, not to be confused with the popular cart of the same name, was fairly well-reviewed (with several noting that "actual Mexicans eat there"), and it was known for its authenticity as well as vegan and vegetarian options.

With the Barclays Center rising just a couple blocks away I had a feeling that this two-storefront restaurant, which had been there for many years, wouldn't be able to keep up with the inevitable rising rents. Sad to see it was brought down by its own tax problems.


Closed for Business: Shoe Mine, 463 Seventh Avenue

Shoe Mine, the shoe and accessory store on Seventh between 16th and Windsor Place, has closed. Last month the owners, the Mollison family, announced that they were moving to Trinidad, and taking the store with them. It appears as if the online store is still operational.

This closure brings the number of vacant storefronts on this side of the block to a shocking seven. Some of these storefronts, below, look like they've been closed for years, if not decades. Wonder what the deal here is. 

465-467 Seventh Avenue
469-471 Seventh Avenue
473-475 Seventh Avenue


Butter Lane Gets Signage, Re-Opening Soon

Butter Lane, the East Village-based cupcake shop that popped up briefly last month in the former King of Cupcakes space (on Seventh between Fourth and Fifth Streets), has installed some signage as they prepare to re-open, this time permanently. 

As you may recall, the space's landlord, Ricky's NYC, shut down the underwhelming King of Cupcakes after five months in operation, at a considerable loss. They took a lot more care in choosing the next tenant, and gave Butter Lane a two-week test drive to make sure that it was well-received. It was, and has been closed for the past month as paperwork is worked out and long-term plans are put in place. 

An employee at Butter Lane's Village outpost couldn't confirm a re-opening date, but judging by the addition of signage it's not far off.