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Blueprint Cocktail Bar's Facade Revealed on Fifth

The old-fashioned-style facade of Blueprint Cocktail Bar, opening soon in the former Long Tan space on Fifth Avenue between Union and Berkeley, was revealed this morning after the plywood that had been concealing it for the past month was removed.

It's classic and simple, and will soon be joined by iron-inlaid glass supplied by The Stained Glass Store, further down Fifth. All the fixtures have been installed inside the space, and a small back yard is shaping up nicely. Next week will bring the installation of floors, wallpaper, and the ceiling (all vintage-inspired), and owner Rory Dwyer told me they've secured a liquor license and are planning on opening up May 20th ("No guaratees," he added).


Bare Burger Gets Some Glass and Yellow

I was able to take a peek behind the plywood this morning of Bare Burger, currently under construction in the old Artesana space on the corner of Seventh Avenue and First Street, and so far so yellow. 

It looks like they kept some of the old architectural details, like the old columns framing the doorway, in place, but stripped away everything else. The large windows will open out on to the street, and judging by the lack of lower windowsills some outdoor seating might be in order. 

Taking a glance inside, it looks like the bulk of the interior work is complete. Like the other locations, the dominant features will be brick walls and a dark wood ceiling. A construction worker started yelling at me before I could take any more photos, but I'll be back.


Bike Shop Coming to Fifth Between Tenth and Eleventh

A new bicycle store is coming into the sprawling space that was last home to Jeans Express, at 476 Fifth Avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh Streets, a worker inside the space confirmed. 

Along with Blockbuster, Tower Electronics, Hollywood Video, and the old OTB, this was one of the super-large spaces in the South Slope that recently became up-for-grabs. It looks like a well-designed space, and will be opening for business as soon as inventory arrives and bikes are hung up on the walls.


Open For Business: Butter Lane Cupcakes, 240 7th Avenue


A second branch of Butter Lane Cupcakes, based on Seventh Street in Manhattan, opened up in the former King of Cupcakes space (on Seventh between Fourth and Fifth Streets) yesterday, and while they're only open for a two week "trial run" as of right now, all signs point to them staying around for a lot longer. 

The new cupcake shop is sunny and comfortable, with marble countertops and a few tables. Employees are helpful and friendly, and all have logged time at the East Village flagship. Crystal, the staff baker, turns out light, crumbly cupcakes in vanilla, chocolate, and banana flavors, and all cupcakes are three bucks a pop. Icing is rich and buttery, and comes in flavors like salted caramel, key lime, honey cinnamon, espresso, and blueberry (not all flavors are available at all times, but there's always a wide selection). Stumptown Coffee is also for sale.
They sell what they call "cupcakes for grownups" and use all-natural ingredients. Buttercream icing comes in both American and French styles: American is made with confectioner's sugar and butter while French is made with egg whites, butter, and granulated sugar, and is more like meringue.
Whereas Ricky's micromanaged King, they're letting Butter Lane have free reign to run the shop as they please, and are only serving as landlords. As of right now, April 30th is slated to be their final day in business, but if it's a success Ricky's will allow them to rent the space for the foreseeable future. 
Drop by, try a cupcake, and if you like it, tell Ricky's to keep them around past April!

Butter Lane Cupcakes, 240 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215. 718-369-0466.



A Peek Inside Fourth Avenue's New Organic Market

One more glimpse into an under construction storefront today, this one down on Fourth Avenue and President Street, where a grocery has been in the works for the past couple months.

It's a large space, with very high ceilings, arched windows, and some Stew Leonard's-style murals in progress. Not too many details yet about exactly what kind of food they'll be stocking, but Brownstoner suspects that it'll be an organic grocery.