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Help Find Lexi!

Missing dog alert! Lexi, a 2-year old German Shepherd mix who was rescued a few months ago from a feral colony in the Rockaways, went missing three days ago on Prospect Park West near Seventh Street, and is most likely somewhere in the park. Search parties are going to comb the area on Saturday, and if you can offer any help call 917-232-5562 or email There's a $500 reward if she's found. For some more info take a look at Fido Brooklyn or the post on Brooklynian.


Ghost of a Stepping Block on Fifth Street

This fairly ordinary-looking sidewalk stone might actually have a little history behind it. Back in the era of horse-drawn carriages, simply stepping out of one and down onto the sidewalk below could prove to be quite a task. The distance from the compartment to street level could be a distance of several feet, and who knew what kind of puddle or muck you could be stepping into below. 

Enter the stepping block. It was a pretty simple concept, just a square or rectangular stone usually installed right into the sidewalk, directly in front of a brownstone's stoop. They were once fairly ubiquitous (see the photo below), but they all went the way of the horse-drawn carriage and any trace of them was usually destroyed in the ensuing years, as sidewalks eventually got ripped up and replaced. 

Via Merlis And Rosensweig's "Brooklyn's Park Slope"
Even since learning about them I've subconsciously been on the lookout for the remnants of one, and it looks like I may have found it, in front of 435 Fifth Street, between Sixth and Seventh.You never know what little remnants of the past might still be hiding in plain sight.

Correction: This article originally listed the address as on Third Street; It is actually on Fifth. Apologies for the mix-up!


Any Ideas for a Grab and Go Restaurant?

It's a rarity to see a business owner actually surveying the public for ideas on what kind of food to serve at a restaurant, but hey, someone's gone and done exactly that. This new topic popped up on the Brooklynian boards this morning:
Good morning my fellow Park Slopers. I am opening a new food spot in the Slope and I wanted your opinion. I want to make a place that you will definitely want to come back to. I am looking to open up on 7th Ave (can't give you an exact location yet, but it will below 10th Street). What is something that you want to see eating wise? I am doing this for you so any and all ideas are welcomed. The spot will not be a full blown restaurant, but rather a grab and go spot with some seating areas.
Have any ideas? Suggestions are already popping up, ranging from a Brooklyn Bread-style bakery to a salad bar to a dumpling shop. I'd probably vote for something similar to Sara Jenkins' Porchetta. Head on over to the board and voice your opinion!


Remembering Henington Press, 491 Sixth Avenue

It's been almost exactly a year since the closing of Henington Press, a tiny print shop on Sixth Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets. After 96 years of printing up menus, booklets, and posters for local business, this family-run business just couldn't sustain itself anymore. The storefront, above, is still vacant. David Harris, the third-generation owner, was its last, and is featured in this great video from WNYC.


Mango Thai Rebrands, Renamed Remixed Asian Brasserie

Mango, the low-key Thai restaurant at 52 Seventh Avenue, between St. Johns and Lincoln, was unexpectedly re-christened Remixed yesterday and transformed into a full-blown Asian Fusion restaurant. It was a good Thai place but nothing special (and it never got very crowded), so maybe they're hoping that changing things up will set them apart. There's no lack of Fusion restaurants in the area, however; Nana is just down on Fifth. $17 unlimited drink brunch doesn't hurt, though!