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Keeping Park Slope's Gas Lamps Lit

One of my favorite things about Park Slope are the gas lamps that you see in front of some houses. They don't actually illuminate much, but you have to admit that they're beautiful to look at, and Park Slope is one of the only neighborhoods left with the gas infrastructure needed to power the lamps. But what happens when they break? The Wall Street Journal's Metropolis blog ran a great video today about what it takes to keep these gas lamps working. If you have a few minutes, it's really interesting.


New Ravitz "Drip" Prototype Appears: "Urban Nests"

The brick facade of 200 7th Avenue will soon be getting some new "drips," the hanging artwork that building owner Mark Ravitz has been affixing to the building facade for the past 20 years. This one's called "Urban Nests," and it should be replacing the current "Four Eyes" within a month or two. The prototype made its appearance in the front windows last week. It's fuzzy!



Commuting to work bleary-eyed on a Monday morning is probably not the best time to encounter frozen precipitation, but sure enough the weather gods were angry enough this morning to punish us with biting wind and freezing sleet. According to City Room, this was the earliest date that snow or sleet has fallen since 1984.

And if that wasn't enough to put you in the mood for winter, don't forget that sunset tonight is at 4:44 PM!


Photo of the Day: 11-6-10

RIP Ruby's Bar of Coney Island, shuttered for good today for no good reason by Zamperla Inc. after 76 years in operation.


Photo of the Day: 11-5-10