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Eleven Consignment Boutique to Open New Location Across the Street

Eleven Consignment Boutique opened their first Brooklyn location on the corner of Fifth and St. Marks last year, and it appears to be doing so well that the owners have decided to open a second outpost in the larger space on the opposite corner, in the space with the "Conservation Plumbing and Heating" sign last occupied by jewelry store Nora Kogan.

Like the location on First Avenue and 11th Street in Manhattan, the existing location specializes in high-end items, like Louboutins and Louis Vuitton purses, but this one will focus on less expensive items, according to Park Slope Stoop.

Vintage shops like Guvnor's and Odd Twin might have had their moment, but consignment shops are still going strong on this stretch of the avenue.

Photo via Park Slope Stoop.


Luis TV Repair/ Danny's Electronics to Close

Danny's Electronics, the repair shop on 5th Avenue and Douglass Street formerly known as Luis TV Repair, will be closing at the end of the month, according to a sign in the window.

The shop, which specializes in tv, computer, and stereo repair, is being booted due to the building being sold and the lease not being renewed.

It was first opened in 1994 by Luis Narvaez, and was run by him and his sons. At some point recently one of the sons, Danny, took it over. It was one of the last electronics repair shops in the neighborhood, and I always appreciated its fading hand-lettered sign.


Giant Crotch Takes Over 199 Seventh Avenue

A location of European Wax Center is taking over the storefront on Seventh Avenue between Second and Third Streets long occupied by L&O Cleaners, and they've certainly found an eye-catching way to introduce themselves to the neighborhood.

The front windows have been papered over with a close-up photo of a woman's crotch as well as a shot of a topless woman's (tan line-free) back. The tagline proclaims that "luxurious waxing is now for everyone."

European Wax Center has nearly 600 locations, with 16 in New York City. The "in your face" approach is apparently working for them.


Artist Mark Ravitz's "Drips" Return to 200 7th Avenue

It's been about a year and a half since a fire ravaged the building on 7th Avenue between Second and Third Streets owned by artist Mark Ravitz, the home to at least seven of his signature "drips" over the past 34 years. It's nice to see that the building has been repaired, and a new set of drips has gone up on the facade.

This incarnation keeps the familiar motif of organic-looking melting globs (the piece on the lower left is a holdover from the previous installation), but this time pigeons make an appearance, in metallic shades of red, blue, purple, gold, and teal. The storefront remains vacant, well over two years since the MetLife Home Loans office closed its doors.

A remnant of the public art movement that took hold of the city in the late 1970s and early 1980s, these drips have been one of the most whimsical little quirks of the neighborhood for decades, and it's nice to have them back.


Mr. Lime Fruit and Vegetables Coming to Kim's Grocery Space on 7th

Kim's, the dependable 24-7 bodega on Seventh Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets, has been closed for the past couple months, and now we know what's replacing it: a new shop called Mr. Lime Fruit and Vegetables.

Last month, Park Slope Stoop reported that Kim's owners, who'd run the shop for the past 30 years, had decided to retire, and that the new owners "plan to keep the space much the same as it was, but may add some food prep." A tipster also let me know that the space has been gutted, and a new wall has been constructed in the middle of the store.

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