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Breaking: Terroir Park Slope is For Rent


Terroir, the outpost of the popular East Village-based mini-chain of wine bars that opened in September of 2012 in the prime corner storefront on Fifth Avenue and First Street that was last occupied by bar Great Lakes, is for rent. Many thanks to a tipster for sending over the above listing (click for a larger version).

The wine bar anchors one of the best blocks for food in the city, which also includes Calexico, Blue Ribbon, Bonnie's Grill, and Naruto Ramen. It opened with plenty of fanfare, and all signs pointed to it being a success: a great selection of wine, a small if well-curated menu, and a heck of a pedigree (chef Marco Canora and sommelier Paul Grieco are the brains behind it and the four other locations, all in Manhattan).

The listing doesn't mention monthly rent, but one can only expect that it's exorbitant. I've reached out to the owners for comment and will update if I hear back.

UPDATE: Grieco has confirmed the impending closure to Eater: "Yes, Terroir Park Slope will be closing after we find a great tenant to take over the space."


Signage Up at New Gran Castillo de Jagua

El Gran Castillo de Jagua, the Dominican restaurant that's held down the corner of Flatbush Ave, Carlton Ave, and Park Place for 40 years, is days away from closing up shop and moving up the avenue, and signage has gone up at its new location.

The space that the restaurant is moving into has been home to a restaurant for years (it was Parkside Diner, then Z-7 Diner), so there wasn't much buildout needed; the lease has been signed for months so there won't be much time in between the closure and re-opening.

You have to admit, the new sign is pretty awesome.


Closed for Business: Percy's/ South Brooklyn Pizza, 447 1st Street

The outpost of South Brooklyn Pizza on First Street just west of 7th Avenue, part of a mini-chain regarded by many as the purveyors of the finest slice in New York, has closed up shop four months after adding $1 slices to the menu and changing the name to Percy's.

The closure comes on the heels of continuing trouble for the chain and its owner James McGown, who has a long history of legal troubles. The switch to a dollar slice format was obviously in response to customers' unwillingness to pay $5 per slice (even though the ingredients used are top notch, and it's actually a very solid slice of pizza), and just a couple days ago the location on 1st Avenue in the East Village announced plans to move to a new, TBA location. For those who need their fix, the location on Fourth Avenue is still open.

Many thanks to reader Michael for sending the above photo.


Nail Salon Coming to Cycle Bar Space on Fifth

For the two or three people who believe that what this neighborhood needs is another nail salon, one is coming to the space that was last occupied by Cycle Bar, on Fifth between First and Garfield. A permit was issued on April 7th, and it's been posted in the papered-over front window.

Nail salons seem to be a favorite among landlords for some reason; at least three have opened in the immediate area within the past couple of years alone.


Trois Pommes, A'Putia Closed for Business on Fifth

As expected, Trois Pommes Patisserie has shut down, leaving the neighborhood after 7 years on Fifth between Garfield and Carroll due to a rent hike. The now-vacant space is on the market for $8,500/month; meanwhile, owner Emily Isaac is on the lookout for a space in a less-expensibe neighborhood.

A couple blocks away, between Lincoln and Berkeley, A'Putia has also closed down. The four month-old Sicilian bakery specialized in cannoli made with sheep's milk ricotta, and replaced under-the-radar gelato favorite Caramello (we'll forget that Cafe Saint Edesia was also open inside the space for about a week).

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