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Delicious on the Slope is Finished

Delicious on the Slope finally succumbed last week to the ravages of a bad location, overpriced food, and off-putting décor. The food itself was good (from what I could gather), but it never really found a foothold in the neighborhood.

Restaurants that are “off the avenue” have always found it difficult to attract customers. This particular stretch of President Street (between Fourth and Fifth Avenues) doesn’t have much going on besides Cabana Bar, and the distance from Fifth forced them to put an A-frame sign on the corner sidewalk, which didn’t do it any favors.

The “new American cuisine” was also overpriced for the setting and neighborhood. The average entrée was $15, which might fly in swankier digs, but the restaurant’s décor was anything but fancy.

A management change/ reboot a few months ago didn’t help it at all. Let’s hope that what comes to the space next (if anything) fares better. 


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