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English Pub Planned for Puppets Jazz Space

After local favorite Puppets Jazz Bar closed back in May, the formerly vibrant space, which is on Fifth Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets, sat sadly empty for months. But the old sign came down a couple weeks ago (along with the "For Rent" sign), and earlier today I had a chance to speak with the storefront's new owner, an Englishman named Vinnie, and he told me that he's planning on opening up a pub in the space.

As nothing is set in stone yet the plan is still tentative, but according to Vinnie it's his dream to turn the space into a straight-ahead English pub. It's a cozy space, and certainly big enough for a bar. This end of the avenue has become quite the drinking destination, and don't forget, another bar is in the works just a couple blocks away.


Opening Sunday: Prime Six, Now Re-Named "Woodland"

Looks like we've got a couple noteworthy restaurant openings to look forward to this weekend. The first is Talde, down on Seventh Ave and Eleventh, and the second is Woodland, on the other end of the neighborhood, at Sixth and Flatbush. Name not sound familiar? That's because it was previously known as Prime Six!

According to Brownstoner, they've gone in a completely opposite direction from the "nightclub" theme that they were originally shooting for, largely because of pressure from the neighborhood. Instead, it'll now focus on "farm to table food, super steaks, fresh fish, venison, bison burgers, etc.”

Stay tuned next week for a full opening report.


Real Estate Office Replacing Scoopz on Fifth

Scoopz Ice Cream, the seasonal ice cream shop on Fifth between Douglass and Degraw Streets, has closed for good and will soon be replaced by a real estate office. When I ducked my head in earlier this afternoon, it appeared as if construction on the new space is nearly complete.

Scoopz traditionally closes for the winter, so it was tough to tell whether the shop was permanently shuttered. It is, though, and a construction worker inside told me that the company taking over is called Millennium Real Estate (no relation to New Millennium Realty, though, off Seventh Avenue). The only real estate company I could find by that name led to this site, but nobody answered the phone when I called.

Scoopz always took a backseat to the more popular Uncle Louie G's, which now essentially has a monoploy on neighborhood ice cream shops.

One more real estate office! Just what the neighborhood needs.


Talde to Open on Sunday

                                                                            NY Times

Just about every restaurant that opens is "anticipated" in one way or another, but Talde, the Modern Asian restaurant from Thistle Hill Tavern owner David Massoni and Top Chef alum Dale Talde has to be one of the most buzzed about and highly-anticipated restaurants to open in the neighborhood in years. It's been under construction for months on the corner of Seventh Avenue and 11th Street, has crazy furnishings from the Oriental Room of an upstate mansion, and has one of the most unique menus I've ever seen (Here's an article about a walk-through I took last month). According to Florence Fabricant at the Times, it'll be opening for business on Sunday.

Just take a look at this menu!


"Park Slope Academy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu" Coming to Tower Electronics Space

The eyesore that's dominated the corner of Fifth Avenue and 13th Street, the shell of the former Tower Electronics, will thankfully be getting a new tenant: The Park Slope Academy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a "self defense, fitness, confidence, team building training academy."

Tower, a giant electronics and appliances store, shuttered last year and the sign fell off during the hurricane, leaving a depressing, gaping hole in the streetscape. Last week some temporary signage went up for the academy, which should be open within a couple months. According to their Facebook page, they'll host three classes: one for adults, one for teens 13-16, and one for juniors 8-12.

Here's their mission statement:

"At the Park Slope Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we are always striving to reach new goals, for ourselves, and the rest of the team. You work hard in a safe and respectful environment. We believe that the study of martial arts is a vehicle to positive growth. This training not only benefits you but those around us."