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A Walk Through Talde, Inching Closer to Opening

I stopped in earlier today and had a chat with restaurateur David Massoni and chef Dale Talde, the masterminds behind the much-anticipated "modern Asian" restaurant coming to the corner of Seventh Avenue and 11th Street, and while photography is still verboten (Massoni allowed me to take the above photo through the front window), the restaurant has certainly come together and is nothing short of gorgeous.

As an homage to its distant past as Rattigan's Bar, the front room will boast a sumptuous bar area, with the centerpiece above looming over the proceedings. The main dining room will be mostly taken over by booths, some which seat six and others which will seat four. There's a step up leading into the back room, which will feature additional seating (also doubling as a private party area), as well as an open kitchen with counter seating for an up-close view of the Top Chef alum and his team in action.

The smart layout would have been great unto itself, but the real showstopper here is the antique woodwork. Yes, that's right: antique woodwork. From out of left field comes one of the most gorgeous interiors of any restaurant to open in the neighborhood in a while, all thanks to some fortuitous antique hunting.

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Checking In On (The Restaurant Formerly Known As) M. Helen

It's been a little while since we broke the news that a new restaurant from Greg Yerman, the owner of Burrito Bar, would be coming to the corner of Park and Flatbush Avenues, and Patch got its hands on a few more details about what we can expect.

First, and most importantly, Its no longer called M. Helen, which was Yerman's grandmother's name. It's now called Carlton Park, which (no offense to his grandma) is a much better choice, in my opinion. It's a classy, pleasant-sounding name, and the fact that it's also the names of two of the streets it abuts makes it a no-brainer.

Second, it looks like they're going full-steam ahead with the farm-to-table, fresh, seasonal approach. Some examples: salt-roasted red-and-yellow beet salad with toasted hazel nuts and burrata to start, and Long Island duck breast with port wine reduction, caramelized Brussels sprouts and sautéed spaetzle as a main. Entrees will average $15-22. Breakfast will also be served (with some grab and go items to pick up on your way to the subway), and a juice bar is in the works.

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French/Hungarian Cafe Heading for Seventh Ave. Ozzie's Space

It's official: the space that was last occupied by Ozzie's Coffee, on Seventh Avenue and Lincoln Place, will next be home to a French/Hungarian cafe and wine bar, a partnership between Couleur Cafe owner Murat Ozcan and friend Gabor Ferencz.

As the lease was only signed ten days ago, there aren't too many specific details in place, but during a chat with Ozcan this morning, he made it clear that the goal is to become as much of a neighborhood gathering place as Couleur, which is down on the other end of the avenue, near 15th Street.

The menu will emphasize fresh, high-quality ingredients, prepared from scratch to order, like at Couleur, but the similarities will stop there. "This isn't a franchise," emphasized Ozcan. "The philosophy is the same, but it is completely different, a brand new project."

Ozcan has a great eye for design, and I'm happy to report that not only will they be preserving the vintage fixtures from the pharmacy that occupied the space nearly 100 years ago and working them into the design, they'll be restoring details that were covered up during its tenure as Ozzie's.

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A Peek Inside Beauty Bar, Under Construction on Fifth Avenue

The intriguing news that some of the space belonging to Ozzie's Coffee, on Fifth Avenue between Garfield and Carroll, would be handed over to Beauty Bar broke about a month ago, and work inside the space seems to be progressing very nicely.

A full half of the formerly huge coffee shop will be taken over by the female-oriented bar, which got its start in the East Village and has since expanded to include 10 more locations all across the country. It's essentially a bar/salon hybrid, but I don't think many customers will go there to just get their nails done, if you know what I mean.

The space is starting to take shape, and it looks like the bar itself will be oval, or horseshoe-shaped.


Checking in on Greenwood Park, The Beer Garden Heading for 20th Street

It's technically in Greenwood Heights, but still certainly warrants a discussion here. A giant beer garden has been in the works for months all the way down on Seventh Avenue and 19th Street, and while there's still plenty of construction left, it's poised to become a prime drinking destination.

It's the brainchild of Bay Ridge native Ted Mann, a restaurateur who currently has a hand in 9 bars, restaurants, and venues in the borough (including Cubana Social, Apt 138, Public Assembly, and Bar 4). He also happens to be Ted Nugent's son, which struck me as worth mentioning.

A couple days ago Brownstoner got a sneak peek of the beer garden, which is shaping up to open within a few months. It stretches the entire length of the block, and will boast dozens of beer on tap, a fire pit, and ample outdoor seating.

Looking good!