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George's Barber Shop Headed for 78 Fifth Avenue

Back in August, the landlord at 78 Fifth Avenue, between Bergen and St Marks, booted longtime tenant Gomez Hair Stylists. He posted an "Available for Lease" sign above their doorway while they were still open, and when I spoke with him he said that he was "in the process of pushing them out," in order to make the space available for a higher-rent tenant.

Gomez eventually shuttered, the space sat vacant for months, and the the next tenant will be... a barber shop. This one is called George's 2, and it's an expansion of George's, the well-liked, tiny little barber shop on 11th Street near 7th Avenue.

It's not a bar, it's not a high-end retailer moving into the neighborhood in anticipation of arena crowds, it's just a barber shop, to be run by the successful owners of another barber shop in the neighborhood. And there's something nice about that.


New Bar in the Works for Fifth Avenue Near 15th Street

A bar is coming to 545 Fifth Avenue, between 14th and 15th Streets, in a storefront last occupied by a bodega (and before that, Gerry's Meat Market).

I met the owner, an Irishman named Colin, yesterday, and he told me that even though construction started early this year, it's progressed very slowly due to being shut down by the DOB for five months. They haven't settled on a final "theme" yet, and construction still has a ways to go, but he assured me that it would be "a great bar." It's a big space, too. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.


Italian Restaurant Called "Va Beh'" Coming to Dean Street

It looks like an Italian restaurant is in the works on Dean Street, just east of Fifth Avenue, in the space last occupied by Taro Sushi. It'll be called Va Beh' (which I believe is slang for "it's okay" in Italian). The tagline, "Mangiare bene," means "Eat well."

Their website is still under construction, but it says that it will be a paninoteca/ ristorante. Those windows will let in tons of natural light. Stay tuned for more details.


Dunkin Donuts on Seventh Very Close to Opening

It's time again to check in with Dunkin' Donuts, under construction in the space that was last home to Tonio's Italian Restaurant on Seventh Avenue between Seventh and Eighth. The exterior is all finished, as you can see (complete with a vertical sign), and the construction on the interior, while currently full of boxes, appears to be complete as well.

Still a little difficult to discern the layout, but all that's really worth knowing is that it's going to look like a Dunkin' Donuts. Lots of fluorescent lighting as well!

I'm glad that while opening up the exterior a little bit, they managed to keep a lot of the original brickwork. What do you make of the new branding on the sign: Coffee - Bake Place? Haven't seen that before, although I honestly haven't really been paying much attention.


A Walk Through Talde, Inching Closer to Opening

I stopped in earlier today and had a chat with restaurateur David Massoni and chef Dale Talde, the masterminds behind the much-anticipated "modern Asian" restaurant coming to the corner of Seventh Avenue and 11th Street, and while photography is still verboten (Massoni allowed me to take the above photo through the front window), the restaurant has certainly come together and is nothing short of gorgeous.

As an homage to its distant past as Rattigan's Bar, the front room will boast a sumptuous bar area, with the centerpiece above looming over the proceedings. The main dining room will be mostly taken over by booths, some which seat six and others which will seat four. There's a step up leading into the back room, which will feature additional seating (also doubling as a private party area), as well as an open kitchen with counter seating for an up-close view of the Top Chef alum and his team in action.

The smart layout would have been great unto itself, but the real showstopper here is the antique woodwork. Yes, that's right: antique woodwork. From out of left field comes one of the most gorgeous interiors of any restaurant to open in the neighborhood in a while, all thanks to some fortuitous antique hunting.

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