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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Gets Signage on Fifth

As first reported here last month, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy is in the works on Fifth Avenue and 13th Street, where Tower Electronics used to be. They've completely redone the facade, and have installed some signage over the windowless remainder of the building.

According to the owner, Professor Steven Crocilla, "the school is for adults primarily who are interested in self defense, fitness, and appreciation of the martial arts."

With Amerikick right across the street, this will probably be an unwise intersection to pick a fight with anyone.


What to Expect: Backyard, 388 Fifth Avenue

News only broke last week that a restaurant called Backyard will be replacing Kappa Sake House, which closed down over New Year's Weekend on Fifth Avenue between Sixth and Seventh Streets. However, construction has been moving along at a brisk pace, and the restaurant, from the husband and wife duo of Jeff and Elizabeth Warner, will in fact be open as soon as this weekend.

"We signed the lease on January 1st, and I haven't slept since," said Jeff, who may or may not have been serious. "My brother and I redesigned the whole interior, gave it a paint job, and want to open up as soon as possible."

And while he certainly looked like he could use a nap, he was kind enough to fill me in on what we can expect.

"The focal point of the restaurant is this big, beautiful backyard," he said, opening the back door and revealing an expansive outdoor space. "Our plan is to use this backyard as much as possible. We want you to come and relax. Not many people in this neighborhood have their own backyard, so you can consider this to be yours. We won't be rushing you out the door, and will be accommodating people from all walks of life. We want this to be your clubhouse."

Jeff (a Boston native) and Elizabeth (who's from Mississippi), have lived in Park Slope for the past three years, and they have a two-year old daughter, Adeline. "We don't have a backyard at home, so that definitely helped inspire us," he added.

"We're not re-inventing the wheel," he replied when asked about the food they'll offer. "We'll have a good selection of salads, sandwiches, panini, and flatbreads like fig and bleu cheese with caramelized onions and balsamic reduction. We'll also be open for brunch within a couple weeks, with dishes like herbed eggs."

Jeff has spent many years working in restaurants in Boston and New York (most recently at Django in Midtown), and is incorporating his favorite dishes from all the restaurants he's worked at into the menu. "You may have seen some of these dishes before," he said. "It's simple home cooking, using fresh ingredients, local when possible."

There's also a nice size bar that's not being forgotten about. "We'll have some wine bar-y aspects," said Jeff. "We've put together a great little wine list, and we'll also offer a bunch of beers, with some going for only $2.50."

They'll be open every day for lunch (including Mondays), and will offer delivery within a couple weeks. Backyard looks like it'll offer the best of both worlds: a place for parents to bring the little ones during the day, and a place to get together and have a liesurely dinner with friends on a warm evening.

If all goes to plan, they'll be open as soon as Thursday.


Talde Team to Open New Restaurant in Aunt Suzie's Space

Rumors have been circulating for some time, but today Patch has confirmation: a third restaurant from Thistle Hill Tavern owners David Massoni and John Bush is in the works at the space that was last occupied by Aunt Suzie's, on Fifth between Garfield and Carroll, and they're bringing acclaimed Talde chef Dale Talde along with them this time.

“It will be the bar I want to drink, eat and do things at,” Bush told the site. “I have this fantasy of getting off work [at Talde] and going straight there.”

While they're still tight-lipped about the name, menu, and concept, a few details have snuck out: just like at Talde, Dale Talde will be chef proprietor, create the menu, and train the chefs, Massoni will manage front-of-house, and Bush will run the cocktail program.

“It’s the place we are going to go hang out,” Massoni added. “It’s going to be super, super, super, super casual.”

Back in December, Aunt Suzie's owner Irene LoRe, who also owns the building, mentioned that she'd be interested in letting a restaurant replace her red-sauce staple, which closed January 1st after 25 years in the space.

This is great news.


Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar & Cafe Coming to 253 Flatbush Ave

A new cafe is in the works in the large space that was last home to New York Naturals, on the northeast corner of Sixth and Flatbush Avenues. Called Hungry Ghost, it comes from the owner of Prospect Perk, the tiny cafe further up the avenue, and will feature Stumptown Coffee and baked goods from local favorite Little Buddy Biscuit Company, which had been looking for a new home since their Fifth Avenue shop closed a little over a year ago.

The owner, Istanbul native Murat Uyaroglu, took some time to fill me in on what else we can expect. "We want to be a great local coffee shop, a place to grab some coffee on your way to the subway, or a place to meet up with friends for lunch or dinner," he said. "It will be a little more upscale than Prospect Perk, with a full bakery in-house and lots of room to sit."

The simple menu will feature 10-15 varieties of sandwiches, along with soups, salads, and baked goods from Little Buddy, who's owner/head baker will also be head chef.

Over time, Murat hopes to add beer and wine to the menu, and have special events like comedy nights. He hopes to soft-open by late March.


Pure Restaurant Gets Temporary Signage on Fifth

I noticed last week that construction on Pure, the restaurant that's been in the works for months in the old Calexico space on Fifth between Warren and St. Marks, was really coming along. Right on cue, the owners have posted some temporary signage to the newly-installed glass storefront.

This confirms the restaurant's name, but the rest of the wording on the bistro's sign is essentially just a jumble of food-related words, like "yummy," "thirst," and "savory." It also indicates that they'll be opening up by the end of the month, so we won't have to wait too long for more details about what we can expect. Here's a peek inside.