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Caramello Getting Signage on Fifth

There are still a couple more exciting openings to look forward to this year on northern Fifth Avenue: we've got Uncle Barry's Bar opening sooner than you may think (stay tuned for the full scoop tomorrow), and slightly further south, Nicoletta Grippo's Caramello, a "Fine Italian Gelateria," is nearly complete in the space last occupied by Patio Lounge, between Berkeley and Lincoln.

Gold leaf is in the process of being delicately applied to the windows, and the whole facade has gone from green to black. When it opens, we can look forward to homemade gelato and baked goods, chocolate, small pizzas, panini, and coffee, beer and wine.


It's Official: Beauty Bar Taking Some Space from Ozzie's on Fifth

It was first rumored back in May, hinted at when Ozzie's Coffee, on Fifth and Garfield, closed "for three to four weeks" a couple weeks ago, but now it's officially confirmed: The 11th outpost (third in NYC) of the popular East Village bar/salon hybrid Beauty Bar will be opening soon in the northernmost end of Ozzie's, shown above.

I spoke with an Ozzie's barista yesterday, who told me that they'd sold off a chunk of the multi-storefront space, which currently takes up over half of the block, to the bar. Construction is underway to build a wall separating the two establishments, which will operate as two completely separate entities (a bar/coffee shop/salon hybrid would have simply been just too much, I suppose).

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"The Painted Pot" Pottery Studio Opening in Taqueria Space

We know what's coming into the southern end of the old Taqueria space, on Seventh between Berkeley and Lincoln, and now the northern end has been rented as well, to The Painted Pot, a DIY pottery studio with outposts in Carroll Cardens and Bay Ridge. Signage went up over the weekend, and they plan on opening in January.

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Soup Bowl II Coming to North Slope!

If you live in the North Slope or Prospect Heights, this may be the best news you've heard in a while: The Soup Bowl, which developed a deeply loyal following last winter on Seventh Avenue near Ninth Street, will be opening a second location in early November in the space now home to Uncle Louie G's, on Park Place just north of Flatbush Avenue.


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Fifth Avenue Citibank Announces Opening Date

Big news for all you South Slope Citibank customers: they sent out a blast email to members earlier today to announce their opening date, and as construction progresses, it's looking like the doors will open on November Seventh.

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