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Chez Bibis Burger Bar Coming to Oko Space on Fifth


Oko Frozen Yogurt, which closed down back in November at 152 Fifth Avenue (between Degraw and Douglass), will be replaced by a new restaurant called Chez Bibis Burger Bar. Temporary signage went up on Saturday, when I had a chance to briefly chat with the excited new owners about their plans for the space.

"We'll have great burgers, sandwiches, salads, and wraps, and everything will be very inexpensive," said one owner, who has a background in catering. "You'll come in with some friends, grab a burger and a beer, and be on your merry way."

They also plan to showcase the work of local artists (and will soon be calling for submissions), and hope to be open by April. 


Restaurant Called "Backyard" to Replace Kappa Sake House


Shortly before the much-underappreciated homestyle Japanese restaurant Kappa Sake House shuttered over New Years' weekend, rumor spread that the space, on Fifth Avenue between Sixth and Seventh Streets, would next be home to a family-friendly restaurant serving "backyard-type food" like potato salad and deviled eggs.

Well that certainly appears to be the case, as earlier this morning temporary signage went up, according to a tipster. Looks like they're taking the concept quite literally, as the restaurant will be called Backyard.

I'll keep you updated as to exactly what else is in store as soon as I'm able to speak to an owner, but if they stick with cookout staples like hot dogs and hamburgers, this place could be a real winner with families come summertime (and kids from the school a block over on their lunch break, if they can swing it). Word is that they've also secured a liquor license.


Coming Soon: Barbecue with a Panamanian Twist at Wild Whiskey Warthog

Hot on the heels of the opening of Fort Reno Provisions and the announcement that Dinosaur BBQ will be coming to Union Street near Fourth Avenue, now there's word that a third player is hopping into the Park Slope barbecue pool. Wild Whiskey Warthog, which has quietly been under construction for the past couple months at 209 Fourth Avenue, near Union Street, will be contributing a full menu of traditional barbecue offerings with a Central American twist to the new Brooklyn Barbecue Row when it opens by the end of April.

I had the opportunity to chat with owner Carlos Russell last night, and he filled me in on what's in store for the 2,000 foot space, formerly home to Maria's Mexican Bistro. "It'll be Fusion Barbecue," he said. "My mother is from Alabama and my father is from Panama, so it'll look like barbecue, but will taste different from what you might expect."

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Timboo's Closes, Skylark Bar Moving In

It was back in December when I brought you the news that Timboo's Bar, unchanged since it opened in 1969, would be closing on New Year's Day. The bar, on Fifth Avenue and 11th Street, managed to stay open for a few extra weeks, but earlier this week the ax finally fell and it closed for good.

Timboo's, which was a combination of owners Timmy Hodgens and Bobby Booras' names, has long been regarded as one of the last of the blue collar watering holes that were once so common in this part of Brooklyn (Seventh Avenue actually used to be lined with them). Now the only ones that remain are Jackie's Fifth Amendment and O'Connor's further up Fifth, which is undergoing a renovation.

But the story thankfully doesn't end here. Time marches on, and Timboo's was just one in a long line of bars that have occupied the space. And another is on its way. Originally Loftus' back in the 40s (and a major hangout for ironworkers), then Steve's in the 50s, then Timboo's, it will next be known as Skylark Bar.

The new owner is Leah Allen, a native New Yorker who along with her husband runs Abilene Bar on Court Street. When reached by email she confirmed that she'll be taking over the space (even though the building will still be owned by Hodgens and Booras), and was kind enough to provide some details. Here's what she had to say:

"We will try to incorporate some of Timboo's charm where we can.  The aesthetic is still unfolding but we are leaning towards the Abilene Bar vibe with a 70s spin.  Most of our decor and some of our building materials have come from Film Biz Prop Shop & Build it Green, two great local business.  We hope to open in April.  We can't wait."


No word yet on whether that incredible Empire Diner wallpaper will survive the transition.


More Details Emerge About Park Slope Restaurant Space

Not just any Park Slope restaurant, the Park Slope Restaurant, the diner on Fifth Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets that closed after 36 years in December 2010 and merged with Green Kitchen a few doors down. I dropped by Green Kitchen the other day and had a brief chat with an employee there, who was able to give me a few scraps of information about what will be coming into the plywooded space, which has been under construction for over six months.

He told me that the space is no longer owned by Green Kitchen's owner (as it was originally), so there's no affiliation there, but the new owners have been keeping them in the loop. Even though they'll serve food, it'll be closer to a bar than a restaurant, he said. The food served will be primarily comprised of appetizers (or most likely "small plates," in the parlance of our times), and, most intriguing of all, it will be French.

So let's see where it goes from there.