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A Peek Inside Kiku 2.0, Opening Next Week

We first brought you the news back in November that Kiku, a popular Japanese restaurant with brisk take-out service, would be moving into the space that was last home to Moroccan restaurant Babouche, just a few doors down Fifth Avenue, on the corner of Lincoln. They've completed renovating the space, and when I ran into the owner, Wayne, yesterday, he told me that they'll be opening up next week.

The space is probably three times the size of the previous restaurant, which will be closing soon. Half is a spacious dining room, with 32 seats, and the other half is a ten-seat sake bar, the only one in Park Slope, according to Wayne (does Nana's count?). They'll offer a bunch of sake-based cocktails, he said.

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Dinosaur Barbecue Coming to Union Street Near Fourth Avenue(!)

When it rains, it POURS, folks! Ben Popken Writes is reporting that an outpost of the beloved Dinosaur Barbecue, based up in Syracuse but also a hit in Harlem, will be opening up at 604 Union Street, between Third and Fourth Avenues. Yep, that's a block away from Fort Reno Provisions, a barbecue restaurant from the owner of Palo Santo that's slated to open next week.

This space, which was previously home to Perfect Metals, is massive, and is sure to become a destination unto itself. While it's technically in Gowanus, it's just steps away from the Slope as well as walking distance from the Barclays Center. Dinosaur launched in 1988, and over the years their insanely delicious barbecue has found its way to Rochester, Troy, and Harlem. It's a thing of fierce devotion for its loyalists, and I foresee some tensions between this place and the (much) smaller Fort Reno, which will essentially be right across the street.

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Ten Things You Need to Know About Fort Reno BBQ, Opening Next Week

As first reported a couple days ago, real barbecue finally is on its way to Park Slope. Fort Reno Provisions, from Palo Santo owner Jacques Gautier, head chef Lia Forman (of Colicchio and Sons), and Anthony Laudato, all Park Slopers, will be open for business by this time next week. I dropped by the restaurant, on Union Street near Fourth Avenue, this morning, and had the chance to sit down and chat with Gautier.

"I've been running Palo Santo for six years, and was looking to do something different, to challenge myself" he said. "Anthony's wife is from Austin, and when she was pregnant recently she was craving brisket. Smoke Joint doesn't deliver past Flatbush. Lookout Hill closed years ago. There's nowhere in this neighborhood to get barbecue, and that's unacceptable. We decided to do something about it."

So they snatched up the vacant restaurant space across the street from Palo Santo and got to work. They covered the walls with wood, white tile, and mirrors, and after months of experimenting with recipes and perfecting the rub and sauce, they're ready to open. Here's everything you need to know about it.

1) Like all the great barbecue places, you order at the counter, by the pound, then bring it to your table on butcher paper to feast.

2) The pulled pork is whole hog, and the other full-time offerings will be spare ribs, brisket, and beef rib. Poultry will most likely be joining the list soon.

3) Meat is from Heritage Foods, and grass fed. All the other food will come from local producers, including Ronnybrook Dairy, Tello's Green Farm, and the greenmarket, when available. "To serve great food, you need to start with great ingredients," said Jacques.

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Fort Reno Bringing "Barbecue and Cocktails" to Fourth and Union 

I hope you're sitting down: Barbecue is coming to Park Slope. And it's coming soon.

"Meats, cocktails, and other sundries" will be on offer at Fort Reno Provisions, opening within a couple weeks in the space that was last home to Mama Rosa Latin Bistro, at 669 Union Street, just east of Fourth Avenue.

Information about the restaurant, which has been quietly under construction for months, has been tough to come by, but a visit yesterday afternoon introduced me to co-owner Anthony Laudato, a producer for CBS News who also happens to be a barbecue virtuoso. He's partnered with Palo Santo's Jacques Gautier and Lia Forman to open the Slope's first full-fledged barbecue restaurant since Lookout Hill closed back in 2008.

Judging by a couple photos that have been posted to their Facebook page, we could be in for a real treat here, folks. Above are the pork spare ribs with a bourbon barbecue sauce, slow cooked collards, and a buttermilk biscuit. Look at that bark! Yes, please.

Meat is provided by Heritage Foods, and it looks like smoked brisket will be another offering to come out of the custom-built smoke pit. They'll deliver, and there's a chance that they could be open as soon as this weekend.


English Pub Planned for Puppets Jazz Space

After local favorite Puppets Jazz Bar closed back in May, the formerly vibrant space, which is on Fifth Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets, sat sadly empty for months. But the old sign came down a couple weeks ago (along with the "For Rent" sign), and earlier today I had a chance to speak with the storefront's new owner, an Englishman named Vinnie, and he told me that he's planning on opening up a pub in the space.

As nothing is set in stone yet the plan is still tentative, but according to Vinnie it's his dream to turn the space into a straight-ahead English pub. It's a cozy space, and certainly big enough for a bar. This end of the avenue has become quite the drinking destination, and don't forget, another bar is in the works just a couple blocks away.