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Loki Lounge Officially on the Market

It's been a couple months since word got around that the owners of Loki Lounge, the bar that's held down the corner of 5th Avenue and 2nd Street since 1999, were planning on seriously downsizing due to a rent increase. When I spoke with a bartender a couple weeks ago he told me that the plan was to sell off the portion of the space that's currently the bar area but hold onto the back "lounge" area and convert that remaining portion into a new bar, with an entrance on 2nd Street. That all appears to be finally underway, as Park Slope Stoop noticed that the space is currently up for rent on Craigslist.

A rep from the bar confirmed to me that the initial plan to split in half is still in place, and that Benchmark, the adjacent steakhouse with the same owners, will be remaining open as well. The space is on the market for $11,500/ month (the equivalent of 2,300 $5 well drinks), and can be turned over as-is with no key money.


Trois Pommes Patisserie is For Rent

The storefront at 260 5th Avenue between Garfield and Carroll, home to Trois Pommes Patisserie since May of 2007, has been put up for rent. Halstead is listing the space for $8,500/month.

Pastry chef Emily Isaac opened the bakery, which fires up the ovens at 5:30 am every morning, after a four-year stint as head pastry chef at the famed Union Square Cafe, and her pastries, cakes, tarts, cookies, croissants, and quiches have a devoted fan base. The shop had a moment in the sun about five years back, when her whoopie pies were featured front-and-center in a New York Times feature, setting off a citywide trend, and last year her Cronut interpretation sold like hotcakes as well.

While some might feel that there are too many bakeries in the neighborhood, my personal opinion is that there can never be enough, especially when they're helmed by someone with as much skill as Isaac. So stock up while you can, because it might not be around for much longer.


Primo Atto Space on Fifth is (Finally) For Rent


It's been about four years since Primo Atto, the Italian restaurant on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Fourth Street, closed up shop. It looked like it had been completely abandoned, with no effort made to put it on the market, or even do so much as to remove the menu from the doorway. Well that finally appears to be changing: many thanks to reader Keira for sending in the above photo, of the "For Rent" sign that finally went up on the facade within the past couple of days.

The phone number on the sign leads to Urban Equities, a Park Slope-based real estate investment and consulting firm that also manages rental properties. Their listings aren't public, so there's no word on what the asking price is, but it's most likely far from cheap.

As always, it'll be fun to see what ends up coming into this space. Hopefully it won't remain a sad, abandoned restaurant for much longer.



Mega Glass and Sashes Up for Rent

Mega Glass and Sashes, the family-run glass store on Fifth between St. Marks and Bergen, is on the market.

The storefront is up for lease at $13,500 per month, Park Slope Stoop found. The listing touts the proximity to the Barclays Center as well as stores like Lululemon, Bump, Sun in Bloom, and 67 Burger, and notes that "all uses will be considered."

Mega Glass, which specializes in windows as well as custom-cut glass, has been owned by the Garrastegui family since 1972, and before that it was owned by the Swir family for 60 years, since 1912. This place has been a glass workshop for a shockingly long time, and it's evident: I had the chance to check it out a few years ago, and it really seems as if the only changes that have been made in the ensuing years have been the addition of a TV and a laptop; even the glasscutting tools are essentially the same ones that were used in the beginning. It's one of the few craftsman's workshops left in the neighborhood, let alone in a prime spot on a major avenue. Shame it most likely won't be around for much longer.



Breaking: Flatbush Avenue Five Guys is For Rent

Anybody want to buy a burger shop?

Many thanks to a tipster for sending along the above photo, of a "For Rent" sign that just went up in the window of the Five Guys on Park Place between Seventh and Flatbush Avenues.

It's a fairly new addition to the block, opening just over a year ago in the large space previously occupied by Park Heights Stationers. It was a lengthy, expensive buildout, and the rent on such a cavernous space (in such a prime location) must be astronomical. 5 Guys is an incredibly successful brand, however, so it's surprising to see that an outpost with such heavy foot traffic is presumably being shut down (unless different forces are at work here).

The manager I spoke with was unaware as to why the sign is up, but the number leads to Sol Goldman Investments, one of the city's largest private landowners.