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Uncle Moe's Space on Seventh Back on the Market

For those hoping that Mission-style burritos might make a comeback in the Slope in the space that was last home to Uncle Moe's Burritos, on Seventh between Ninth and Tenth Streets, you might just have to wait a litle bit longer.

Even though the "For Rent" signs that were pasted up after the 20 year-old restaurant closed back in November were taken down back in March, they have since reappeared: the space is officially back on the market.

Guess this also puts the kibosh on any Starbucks rumors.


202 Fifth Officially On The Market

After spending many years as a cleaners and many more as a vacant space, the storefront at 202 Fifth Avenue, between Union and Sackett, has been completely gutted, given a new facade, and is now up for rent.

Even though whoever comes into the space will probably have some work to do (that exposed structural arch, while cool, most likely needs to be covered up), but this blocklong stretch has become one of the most hopping in all of Brooklyn, with Fleisher's, Goorin, Campo de Fiori and Blueprint all recently joining established favorites 200 5th, Bierkraft, and Press 195. There are two other storefronts currently up for grabs on the block as well (including the prime corner spot where the check cashing place used to be), so it'll be very interesting to see what moves in, especially considering how astronomical these rents must be.


El Sitio Borinquen Up For Rent

Last week I wondered what the deal was what El Sitio Borinquen, the double-storefront Puerto Rican restaurant on Fifth Avenue near Third Street that has been perpetually closed for a couple years now, even though it looks like there's oftentimes activity going on inside (and the same deal with the cafe that preceeded it). From what I was able to gather, the restaurant's owner also owns the building and spends a fair amount of time hanging out there with family and friends, but rarely opens it up to the outside.

It looks as if she's finally realized that there's a larger income opportunity here, though, as a "For Rent" sign has gone up on the storefront.

The term "slumlord" has been bandied about when it comes to the landlord, Sonia Santos, and after reading this blog that was started just to point out how horrble conditions are in the building, I would suggest any potential renters there to tread lightly.

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