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Grand Central Oyster Bar Makes it Official on Fifth, Posts Facade Plans

While walking past the space that was last home to Fornino, which closed in January after about three years on Fifth between Garfield and Carroll, I noticed that an intriguing sign had gone up in the window of what used to be their meatball shop Polpette:

Lo and behold, it's not only official confirmation from the folks behind Grand Central Oyster Bar that they're indeed moving into the space, but it's a full mockup of their plans for the restaurant's facade (click for a closer look):

It appears as if they'll be keeping the doorways and windows just about the same, but the space above them will be redesigned to incorporate two classic architectural elements of the original Oyster Bar: arches and Gustavino-style tiling.

If the "Late fall 2013" opening date specified there is any indication, construction should be getting underway just about any day now.


Signage Updated at Good Footing Adventure

Good Footing Adventure, the outdoor-oriented shoe store on Seventh Avenue between Second and Third Streets, updated their signage recently. It's not a drastic difference, but enough to be noticeable: a splash of color on what used to be a bland shade of brown.

With a recent spate of uninspired signage going up on Seventh, it's nice to see a local shop going the hand-made route. This store has also experienced some hard times recently, being forced to close for a month due to a fire back in July, so it's good to see that they're back on their feet.

Here's how the sign used to look:



Ancient TV Store Ghost Signage Uncovered on Fifth

I love uncovering ghost signage. Hidden from view for years, often decades, it reappears when an awning or newer sign is removed, briefly transporting us back in time and giving us a glimpse into the neighborhood's past.

Many thanks to a loyal reader for sending over the above photo, of a 50s-era sign that was recently revealed when the owners of the Uncle Louie G's franchise on Fifth near Seventh Street took their awning down. The only word that's visible is "T.V.,"  possibly with the word "Marconi" above it, but it's hard to tell. Looks like there's an old phone number on there as well, along with some still covered words below, maybe "Repair Shop?"

Either way, it's very cool, and handpainted in a couple different now-retro fonts. 


Baluchis Gets Some Surprisingly Cool Neon Signage

It was pleasantly surprising to discover that Baluchi's, the Indian restaurant on Fifth between Second and Third Streets that's a part of a 5-restaurant Manhattan-based mini-chain, had removed their old signage and replaced it with an old-fashioned, neon-powered vertical sign. 

Complete with yellow light bulbs along the rim, it's a total throwback. Along with Beauty Bar, we've gotten some quality retro signs recently.


Beauty Bar Gets Signage, Opening Date Set

Signage went up over the weekend at Beauty Bar, the outpost of the East Village-based dive bar/salon chain that's been in the works on Fifth Avenue between Garfield and Carroll, and it's certainly a beauty. It's an old-fashioned awning that extends from the doorway nearly all the way to the street, the kind that has been vanishing from the city but used to be commonplace at bars, clubs, and restaurants.

A contractor standing outside the bar told me that Opening Night will ne bext Friday, February 24th.