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Calexico (Finally) Gets Liquor License, Celebrating This Weekend

It's been eight long, torturous months since Calexico, an offshoot of the popular Manhattan-based Cal-Mex mini-chain, opened with much fanfare on Fifth between First and Garfield. Why torturous? Because the bar area, full of so much potential, was sitting there woefully underused due to the fact that the city hadn't yet bestowed upon it a liquor license. Well last week they finally received it, and this weekend they're celebrating.

From tonight through Sunday, the restaurant will be offering two-for-one specials on Margaritas and beer. Margaritas come both on the rocks and frozen, and in flavors including blood orange and jalapeno mint. Specialty cocktails include the Tequila Mockingbird, with basil-infused tequila, watermelon, jalapeno, agave, and lime juice, and micheladas, beers, wines, and plenty of tequilas are also available.

So nearly 2 and a half years since the owners first announced that they'd be moving into the space, they've finally come full circle. Congrats, team!

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Morgan's BBQ Gets its Liquor License

The area's newest barbecue restaurant, Morgan's, opened on the corner of Flatbush and St. Marks earlier this month, bringing classic Texas barbecue to the neighborhood. The smoker is manned by Franklin BBQ alum Joh Avila, and he's turning out quality brisket (both lean and fatty), pulled pork, ribs, chickens, turkey, and sausage, with sides including giant stuffed baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans.

It's a very fine interpretation of the Texas style, which is peppery and sauceless, and standouts include the brisket (which Texas barbecue is most famous for) and ribs. Sandwiches are available during the week (as well as all evening long at Elbow Room, the connected take-out window dishing up wildly creative macaroni and cheese, and there's plenty of draft beer to be had at the bar and a big outdoor seating area. The one thing it's been missing has been liquor, but not any more: the license came in on Friday.

The liquor program is being managed by Kier Hamilton, who bartends there a few nights a week and also happens to be the master distiller down at Widow Jane Whiskey, which is based in Red Hook. He told me that he's currently placing orders for more than 100 varieties of Bourbon and other brown spirits, which should be stocking the shelves within a few weeks (there's plenty of Widow Jane to be had at the moment, however, and it's good stuff).

It's hard to leave Morgan's without being very impressed by both the layout and the food, and the barbecue served here is a completely different animal, style-wise, from what you'll find at Dinosaur, Fort Reno, or Fette Sau.