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Open for Business: Poppy, 217 Fifth Avenue

The second location of popular Nolita boutique Poppy, which has been in the works since August in the space last occupied by Bob and Judi's Coolectibles, opened earlier this afternoon on Fifth Avenue between Union and President Streets.

The Nolita outpost, which has been on Mott Street since 2003, is well-known for its rotating, well-curated selection of casual women's clothing. This location takes the same approach, showcasing predominantly lesser-known designers and introducing some new ones. The racks are still in the process of being stocked (and the sign has yet to go up), but there's certainly enough there to get a good idea of the quality of the merchandise.

Poppy, 217 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215. 347-599-1793.


New Restaurant in the Works on Union Street

It's been a while since Classy Nails closed in the small one-story outcropping of 847 Union Street, just east of Seventh Avenue, but construction is now underway in the space and permits indicate that a restaurant is in the works.

The storefront shares a building with Chef Mark Simmons' New Zealand-inspired gem Kiwiana, and not much more information is forthcoming at this time. But if it's a hit, and if whatever is in the works in the space last occupied by PSbklyn takes off, we could have another mini restaurant row on our hands.


Poppy Getting Close to Opening on Fifth

I have to admit, it's been tough to walk past the under-construction storefront where Bob and Judi's Coolectibles used to be since they closed up shop and moved to California over the summer. The couple's vintage knick-knack and antique store was so unique, and owners Bob and Judi Pheiffer had been such a regular presence there over the past 14 years, that there's been a gaping hole in the block without them.

Time marches on, though, and thankfully the space, on Fifth between Union and President, was rented very quickly. Poppy, the popular Nolita women's boutique, will be moving into the space, and construction appears to be wrapping up. The sidewalk shed has been removed, revealing an entirely new facade, the front window's got some signage, and they plan on opening for business on Saturday.

Poppy, which has been on Mott Street since 2003, has quite a following, and sells "a well-edited mix of indy and established contemporary collections," according to their website.

Many thanks to a tipster for sending the photo along.


Banhmigos in the Works at 178 Lincoln Place

It was back in July that I first got confirmation that a Vietnamese sandwich/ bubble tea shop would be coming to the small storefront next to the new Leaf & Bean on Lincoln Place just east of Seventh Avenue, and now the shop, with the awesome name of Banhmigos, is getting close to opening.

It's a small place with very little, if any, seating, but between having Berkeley Carroll right across the street and folks passing by on their way home from work, something tells me they won't have much trouble attracting customers (aside from the off-the-beaten-path location). This will be the neighborhood's fifth banh mi shop, continuing a trend started by Hanco's back in 2009.

Here's the full menu (click for larger versions). Plenty of varieties of bubble tea, solid-looking spring rolls and salads, and nine varieties of sandwiches.


Open for Business: Landhaus, 808 Union Street

The first brick and mortar location of Brooklyn Flea favorite Landhaus opened last Thursday in the space on Union Street just west of Seventh Avenue that was most recently occupied by People's Pops, which will be returning once it gets warmer.

The "farm to sandwich" food shop, run by Matthew Lief, Michael Felix and Maria Dela Cruz, is best known for its gutbusting, crazy-delicious sandwiches, and even though there are only a few items on the menu they certainly deliver. There's a shredded grass-fed short rib sandwich topped with cheddar cheese sauce and thinly sliced pickled peppers, a giant pork meatball with arugula and Parmesan, and, yes, their famous bacon on a stick. There's also a roasted mushroom sandwich, beet salad, cauliflower soup, and a couple homemade beverages. A couple items on the menu will most likely change.

They'll be sticking around until springtime, when fellow Brooklyn Flea standby People's Pops will be returning to the space. As of now their hours are 11 AM - 8 PM daily.

Landhaus, 808 Union Street Brooklyn NY 11217.