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Some Updated Signage on Seventh

A walk down Seventh Avenue reveals some updated signage on storefronts that are home to pretty varied businesses.

First, there's the Park Slope Copy Center, near Carroll Street, which also used the opportunity to straighten up the cluttered interior and add a couple more computers.

Next up, there's the Douglas Elliman real estate office on the corner of Garfield Street. On the previous sign, which was a darker shade of blue, the word Prudential was more prominent than Elliman; apparently they're no longer even in the equation here.

Finally, further down the avenue, Hudson Cleaners got a new awning for their lone remaining storefront between 11th and 12th Streets (they previously occupied the rest of the block heading north; that's since been taken over by Talde). The old sign was dark green and said simply "Hudson Cleaners," this one is a bit more flashy and complements the ghastly green paint job that the rest of the storefront recently got (sadly painting over high-quality wood, below). I think I can safely say that this is the only lime green storefront in the neighborhood!



The Good Fork Sets Up Shop in Skylark Bar

The Good Fork, the cozy comfort-food restaurant on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, was severely damaged during Hurricane Sandy when flooding destroyed its basement and much of the dining room. Right before the storm hit, though, they took over the kitchen at the retro-kitchy Skylark Bar, which opened in May in the former Timboo's space on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 11th Street.

The menu is more bar food-oriented than at the Red Hook restaurant (which has yet to re-open; donations are being accepted here), but it looks equally delicious. Korean-influenced bar snacks include blistered shishito peppers, pulled pork with pickled cucumbers and asian slaw, and pork and chive dumplings. Playing the straight-up comfort food angle are the likes of maple bacon deviled eggs, sticky baked sweet & spicy chicken wings, and macaroni and cheese (it's owned by Sohui Kim and husband Ben Schneider, and both their influences are present in every item). 

Times are tough for The Good Fork folks right now, but we thankfully have the opportunity to help support them- and sample one of the most delicious-sounding bar menus in the area at the same time.


Open for Business: Yung Laundromat, 394 Fifth Avenue

A long-in-the-works laundromat opened recently in the space last occupied by Chinese restaurant Food Chow (before it moved across the street). It's been in the works since July, inspiring one tipster to call it the "BEST. NEWS. EVER."

It's certainly a run of the mill laundromat, but if it allows you to not have to schlep your dirty clothes any further, then this can certainly be great news. And after over two years of vacancy, it's nice to see a little life breathed back into this space.

Yung Laundromat Inc, 394 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215. 718-788-8688.


Open for Business: Banhmigos, 178 Lincoln Place

A new Vietnamese sandwich shop called Banhmigos opened over the weekend in a tiny storefront on Lincoln Place just east of Seventh Avenue, right next to the new Leaf & Bean. Called Banhmigos, it's a charming little shop serving up a pleasing variety of Banh mi, salads, spring rolls, and bubble tea.

Located right across the street from the Berkeley Carroll School, it's in a prime spot to cater to kids on their lunch break. There are only a few seats, so it's clearly a "grab and go" kind of place.

The full menu can be found here, in my write-up from last week before they opened. One thing that stands out is the quality of the bread, which is baked by a local Brooklyn bakery but adheres to a proprietary recipe provided by the shop's owners.

And its name is great.

Banhmigos, 178 Lincoln Place Brooklyn NY 11217. 718-399-3812. Free Delivery.


Japanese Coming to 847 Union Street

It was just a couple days ago that I noticed that a restaurant is in the works in the space right next door to Kiwiana, on Union Street just west of Seventh Avenue. I did a little more digging and was able to get confirmation from landlord Nick Kotsonis that the space, which was previously home to a nail salon, will soon become a Japanese/ sushi restaurant.

Nick added that the owners also have a location on the Upper East Side, but didn't elaborate further. One thing's for certain, though: these guys are entering a very crowded competitive landscape.