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The Park Slope Week in Review: 5/9/11 - 5/13/11

The soon-to-open Couleur Cafe
On Monday, word got out that Falafilo, the new Falafel/ Middle Eastern place on Union right near Fifth, will be moving into the old Mama Rosa Space, located right next door. It was also announced that the Great Food Truck Gathering of 2011 (not the actual name) will be taking place in Grand Army Plaza NEXT SUNDAY.

Tuesday brought another announcement, the Prospect Park Bandshell's 2011 lineup of summer shows. I also got a behind-the scenes preview of Bicycle Habitat, opening this weekend on Fifth between 10th and 11th.

Wednesday brought word that Clear, the odd little wifi store on Fifth between St. Marks and Warren, had shuttered. We also got a glimpse inside the new burger joint coming to Flatbush by Sixth. Not much progress there.

On Thursday all hell broke loose with Blogspot, so these links may still not work: One reported that Asha Veza, the Indian-inspired clothing store on Fifth between St. Marks and Prospect that donated all proceeds to helping disadvantaged Indian women, had closed. The next was a follow-up to that, explaining how while the store was closed, the show will be on the road for the summer and it'll move back into Brooklyn come fall.

Friday the 13th brought news that Couleur, a new French cafe, will be opening in the former Ajami Hookah Lounge space, on Seventh between 15th and 16th. Looks like it'll be a nice addition to the neighborhood. I was also curious about the odd "Pub" signage on a house on Prospect Avenue, but lo and behold, it was once a pub!


The Park Slope Week in Review: 5/2/11 - 5/6/11

Happy May, my friends! On Monday I reported that Ha Noi, the neighborhood's first full-on Vietnamese restaurant, had opened its doors over the weekend. It's got a huge menu, and so far it seems promising. Old man bar Jackie's Fifth Amendment also re-opened to the public after being closed for a couple weeks post-DOH inspection.

On Tuesday I staked my claim that the month of April 2011 was the best month for foodies in the history of the neighborhood. Just look at that list of new dining options! (And seriously, if you haven't had Culture's key lime pie yogurt yet, get over there immediately.) We're also getting an outpost of SoHo's famed Bicycle Habitat on Fifth between Tenth and Eleventh. Also, HMBRGR.

Wednesday brought word that another one of those shady "Body and Foot Rub" parlors had opened; this one's on Fifth between Lincoln and Berkeley. If anyone figures out what the deal with these is, please let me know. Los Pollitos II also got awarded "The City's Best Margarita" by the Daily News. Way to go!

On Thursday I got the scoop on Sweet Wolf's, the restaurant heading to the corner of Sixth Avenue and 12th Street. Burgers, wood oven meat, and duck fat Belgian fries? Yes, please! I also snapped a photo of Bierkraft's backyard, which has been opened up to the public and looks like a great place to chill.

On Friday I was able to get my hands on a menu for Dumplings and Things, the new Chinatown-style dumpling shop headed to the old Taqueria Reis space, on Fifth between Fifth and Sixth, and it's certainly worth getting excited about. They also installed some signage this week. I also snuck a peek behind the sidewalk shed at the Red Monster at 137 Fifth, and brought word that Compucell on Seventh had shuttered.


The Park Slope Week in Review: 4/25/11 - 4/29/11

The week started off on a sad note, with word that beloved bar owner Kevin Mooney, of Mooney's fame, passed away at age 76. In other sad bar news, classic old-man bar Jackie's Fifth Amendment, on Fifth Avenue and Seventh Street, closed up for some "renovations." More on that later. But hey- want some great news? A Chinatown-style dumpling stand is coming to the former Taqueria 100 Sandwich Reis Kitchen/ whatever it was called space on Fifth between Fifth and Sixth. Pork belly sesame pancakes!

On Tuesday I was able to find out some more info on the bar that's coming into the old Total Wine Bar space on Fifth between St. Marks and Prospect, from the owner of Miriam restaurant, and it looks like it'll be a big hit. Butter Lane Cupcakes, which appeared to have shuttered after less than a week in business, was in fact just "freshening up," because they've been bestowed an official lease by the owners, Ricky's NYC, who appear to have not repeated their King of Cupcakes debacle this time around. Also, longtime Ninth Street tile shop A&K Tile Studio closed up.

Wednesday brought word that Shoe Mine, the well-liked little shoe store on Seventh Avenue between 16th and Windsor Place, will be closing within the next couple weeks, as the family who owns it has decided to pack up and move to Trinidad. Also, "Mini Village Hair Spa," the salon that specializes in Japanese hair straightening moving above Brooklyn Flipsters, got some signage.

On Thursday we got some clarification about what's really going on with Jackie's Fifth Amendment. Looks like someone called in a complaint to the DOH, possibly about unsanitary ice, and they shut them right down. They seem to be taking it pretty seriously, though, and are planning on opening up over the weekend.

Finally, Friday left us with a nice treat for the weekend: Culture fro-yo foodporn. Seriously, go there.


The Park Slope Week in Review: 4/18/11 - 4/22/11

On Monday, a new outdoor outfitters called Gear to Go opened on Garfield between Seventh and Eighth. The owner's a former Naval officer, and he's stocked the place with everything you'll need next time you feel like venturing out into the wilderness (or to that Phish festival). He also organizes jaunts up to campsites all over, and will host lectures and classes.

Tuesday I brought you all a couple peeks into under-construction storefronts, namely Unleashed by Petco on Seventh and the organic grocery opening up on Fourth and President.

Wednesday brought news that an outpost of Butter Lane Cupcakes, based in the East Village, had opened in the space last occupied by the bedeviled King of Cupcakes, on Seventh between Fourth and Fifth, and this looks like the real deal, my friends. They're giving it a test run until the end of the month, so give them some business if you want them to stick around longer! Also, I got confirmation that the massive space that was home to Jeans Express, on Fifth between Tenth and Eleventh, will be a bike shop.

On Thursday the old-timey facade of Blueprint, the cocktail bar going into the old Long Tan space on Fifth near Union, was revealed, and it's looking pretty good. I also put together a little walking tour of journalist Pete Hamill's childhood in the Slope, taken from his must-read memoir, A Drinking Life. Seriously, if you live in Park Slope, you will like this book.

The big news of the day on Friday was that a steampunk inspired bar called Wolf and Deer is coming to the space formerly occupied by Total Wine Bar, on Fifth between St. Marks and Prospect. It's from the same owner as Miriam a block away, and looks pretty damn awesome. R&A Discount finally got around to replacing the sign that was knocked down by last year's tornado, and up on Ninth Street, a salon is replacing a salon.


The Park Slope Week in Review: 4/11/11 - 4/15/11

Sky Ice
Monday was possibly the greatest day for dairy lovers in Park Slope since the old Borden's plant opened a hundred years ago: We got Culture, the only artisanal yogurt and fro-yo shop that I know of (all yogurt is cultured and strained in-house from hormone-free milk), on Fifth between Third and Fourth, as well as Sky Ice, a Thai-inspired organic ice cream and snack shop on Fifth and St. Marks, and word on the street is that they're both seriously delicious (I can vouch for that; try the Thai tea ice cream at Sky Ice, you'll plotz). Konditori, the previously-nameless coffee shop on Fifth between Degraw and Sackett, also finally got around to putting their name on their sign.

On Tuesday I noticed that all the ancient graffiti on the gritty old Social and Athletic Club on Fifth between Carroll and President had been painted over with garish silver paint, and it turns out that this was just one of many ill-advised defacings along the avenue, courtesy of the Park Slope Civic Council. Blockbuster Video's slow, painful demise on Fifth and Fifteenth also came to an end. With a huge space like that, I'm curious to see how long it stays vacant.

Wednesday brought news that Patio Lounge, the decent bar/lounge on Fifth between Berkeley and Lincoln, had closed. But hey, we got a Housing Works just a couple blocks away, on Garfield, and they're looking good. I also finally was able to chat with a bartender at one of the oldest bars in Park Slope, Jackie's Fifth Amendment, and it's certainly visiting just to have a beer with Linda.

Thursday was slow as usual, but the removal of all signage from The King of Cupcakes finally brings an end to its long, crazy saga. I also posted a crazy comparison of the corner of Fifth and Degraw in the 1970s and today.

On Friday I posted an early review of Surfish, on Fifth between Fourth and Fifth Streets, and damn, is this place good. Inexpensive, creative, and all around a great addition to the neighborhood. And hey, the chef is going to be on Chopped in a couple months! They'll be opening up for good on Tuesday. Also finally got some foodporn from Sky Ice, and broke the news that Der Kommissar, the Austrian sausage joint on Fifth between Fifteenth and Sixteenth, has officially opened.

All in all, a great week for food in the Slope!